Global Confederation of Cow-based Industries (GCCI) is a section 8 company, formed to organize the Cow based industries globaly. More than 300 products from Cow dung and Cow urine are getting manufactured across Globe. GCCI is organising them and has developed huge, authentic data of Gaushalas, Trainers, Cow Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Distributors, Innovators for Panchagavya based products. Many NGOs and reputed organizations were doing great service for Cows. GCCI is contacting, coordinating, bringing all of them together.

There is immense potential in Cow Entrepreneruship. Any capable Cow Entrepreneur can generate revenue up to Rs four crores annually by commerialy utilising all the Milk, Cow Dung & Cow Urine given by just 200 Cows of Indian breeds. It includes products for Agriculture, Health sector, Energy sector (Biogas, CNG, Electricity by Cow dung), Breed improvement, Tourism, Building blocks (Cow dung based Bricks, Cement, Tiles, Paint etc), FMCG products ( Gonyle, Soaps, Shampoo, Tooth powder and more than 150 such products), Dairy value addition, Idols, Diya, Stationary items using Paper made from Cow dung and many more.


Universal welfare through cow-centric eco-friendly sustainable development for socio-economic and spiritual transformation of whole globe lead by Great, Glorious and Divine Vishwa Guru Bharat(India)


Holistic all-Inclusive, integrated development through cow-based Economy to accomplish the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of United Nations for “Happy, Healthy, Prospers India.”