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Global & Local Issues

“Climate Change” is the buzzword today, globally. Everyone is aware of it, however, knowingly or unknowingly, we are doing very little for it. Organizing this sector will also play a huge role in helping people move towards more natural resources utility than inorganic resources. For example, we can replace fossil fuels with bioenergy fuels.

When we see locally, having nobody to help or assist the unorganized sector, all the people related to cow rearing and its related business have suffered. Some suffered for want to knowledge, some for not knowing how to use technology, others unaware of govt. schemes and help.

GCCI wants to bring change in this sector by making trade work at ground level. Enable business, bring climate change, bring prosperity for all, and opportunity for all. Facilitate local businesses to become global players and also help global players move their strategies towards this sector. We will use our expertise and experience to create a worldwide network to bring in real change in the working environment, ease of doing business, training, advocacy, regularization of standards to name a few.

End Poverty through
2. Cow Entrepreneurship
3. Cow based Agriculture
4. One Cow – One Family
Food security by
Cow based Agriculture & Cow rearing
Good Nutrition by
Milk, Curd & Ghee Supplements
PanchGavya for
Promotive Health &
Well being
For ALL.
Cow Milk & Ghee being
‘Medha Vardhak’ –
brain tonic to help improve
mental vigour and intellect
Cow rearing by Women Farmers
will enhance women empowerment through women entrepreneurship programs for
cow based Industries.
Poverty alleviation, good nutrition and educational awareness will enable provision for clean water and sanitation facilities.
Use of COW DUNG And COW URINE as source
of Bio-Energy, DEP (Draught Energy power through bulls)
Implement modern animal husbandry management practices with technological help
Cow based Industries are still UNTAPPED and UNEXPLORED.
It has tremendous potential for innovative sustainability industrialization
Cow REARING will increase LOVE and compassion for all Creatures universally.
Families will be self-reliant Irrespective of Caste, Creed & Community, fostering Universal peace, harmony & Brotherhood.
Poverty alleviation, literacy, Employment & entrepreneurship based on Cow centric economy will boost up sustainable communities in cities and Human settlements
Gau Seva inculcates spirit of simple and healthy Lifestyle and pious environment which will enhance sense of accountability in CONSUMPTION & PRODUCTION
Natural farming (cow based). PanchGavya based bio fertilizers, pesticides and Bio-energy can help reduce Dependence on chemical Fertilizers and fossil fuels.
Balanced communities and Compassionate individuals Living in harmony with NATURE will prevent exploitation of marine resources and will promote equitable growth through nature resources.
PanchGavya based organic fertilizers and pesticides Will combat land Degradation. Use of bio energy will prevent Deforestation & restore Eco-balance. 
Cow is compassionate and Loving soul and can act as catalyst for addressing emotional balance, social justice and spiritual society
Gow Seva can foster the mind-set of Charity, love, peace, compassion and good will, which help revitalise greater cooperation and harmony at Global level.



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