GAU Katha(Book)

Sr. No. Title Description Author Language Document
1 Gau Seva Training Manual This manual shows s more than 35 ways to serve our SOIL, PLANTS, GAUMATA, SELF and simple home remedies through PanchGavya. With 8 main points of making BHARAT - A Vishwa Guru, this manual teaches us the process in very simple and understanding way. Shankar Lal ji; Ajit Prasad Mahapatra ji; Raghavan ji Hindi
2 Aims & Objects of Goseva - 1 This book gives us direction of how BHARAT can become samrudh by Gaumata. Raghavan ji Hindi
3 Gau Mahima - 2 Shloks and its meaning taken from different Vedas have been noted in the book. Connecting the Gaumata and its Gavya with modern day science is the core of this book. RAghavan ji Hindi
4 1000 Gau Project This book shows us the Project Proposal for Establishment of Indigenous Gau Breeding Center at Dairy Milk Union Level Dr. P. R. Pande English
5 Romance of a Cow - Chapter 8 This Chapter of the book gives us a very interesting views of Gandhi ji on Gaumata. D H Jani English
6 Homeopathy in Veterinary A very handy book for Veterinary doctors on how to cure Bos Indicus. Goel Vet. Pharma Pvt. Ltd. English
7 Clinical Protocol Guideline Interdisciplinary AYUSH Research & Development Task Force of AYUSH Ministry has prepare this book for people who are interested in any type of Research and Development. AYUSH Ministry English
8 Indian zebu cattle a natural resource for A2 milk Indian Council of Agricultural Resources (ICAR) has published this book on A2 milk and its benefits M Sodhi, M Mukesh, BP Mishra, A Kishore, B Prakash, RS Kataria & BK Joshi (ICAR) English
9 गौशाला प्रबंधन पर मैनुअल (Gaushala Prabandhan - Manual) The manual gives us guidance on three groups of Gaushala i.e. 100, 500 & 1000 gaus in gaushala Indian Council of Agriculture Resources - (ICAR) Hindi
10 Why Indian Cows Only This book of 30 pages gives us the qualities of each breeds that are registered with government (not the latest registered number) Unknown English