Home Remedies on how to survive the heat of Summer

Published on 28-04-2022

This year Summer seems to be hottest of all. It is diffcult to come out of home in such a scorching heat, but we still have to come out for one of the other reason. 

Let me share couple of tricks/hacks/Receipies to get hyderated and bear this heat.

1.  Take 2 glass of Desi Gaumata milk and add dry fruits as per your liking and then add some fresh rose petals to this. Allow it to settle for couple of minutes. Now add MISRI (Type of Sugar) to it and your drink is ready. Enjoy this drink with blessings of Gaumata.

2.  How can we forget the second Gavya of Gaumata i.e. Sweet or Salty Lassi (Buttermilk). Add few pieces of ice and enjoy the delicacy. One can take 3/4 glasses per day to chill. Don't forget to thank our Gaumata for giving such a lovely milk.

Let us also look into some other chilling drinks....

1. Have a glass or two of green coconut water. Its refeshing and thirst quenching too. Don't forget to eat MALAI (Cream) from the coconut. Believe me its so tasty.

2. How can one forget Lemon juice. Try to have it in raw form ie without adding any sweetness. This is really thirst quenching and saves us from heat. Once can have atleast 5/6 glasses per day.

3.  In summer, in India, we are blessed to have Mango. We can have n number of dishes, juices of mango during this time. Raw mango Juice (Panna), rippened mango juice with some additional ice pieces and dry fruit to garnish. Yummy drink is ready. Thank you Mango, the favourite fruit of mine.

GavyaSiddh Shri Amitabh Bhatnagar is the Author of Cow:Our Ultimate Savior and a GavyaSiddh (PanchGavya Doctor) in Hyderabad, India. Can be reached on