Gau Kasth for Holika Dahan

Published on 06-03-2022

Do you want to have a holistic and Vedic Holika Dahan in your society or your close vicinity? 
Then let us understand how to do this. We need to get Gau Kasth from nearby Gaushala and use the same instead of wood or vehicle tyre or plastic.

What is Gau Kasth
Dried sticks are made from Gau (Desi Gau Only) Dung at Gaushalas to do Holika Dahan, Havan etc. Machines are used to prepare these sticks.

The benefit of Gau Kasth?
1. It will save the trees (Jungles)
2. It will cleanse the air (environment)
3. It will serve the gau (Gau, Bulls, Calf)

Shri Amitabh Bhatnagar is the Author of Cow:Our Ultimate Savior and a GavyaSiddh (PanchGavya Doctor) in Hyderabad, India. Can be reached on