Difference between Desi Gaumata (Cow) and Jersey Cow

Published on 07-03-2022
Sr. No. Desi GauMata Jersey Cow
1. Milk of Gaumata is known as A2 milk.

Gaumata produces A2 beta-casein a genetic variant of Amino acid-like Proline bonded with another amino acid Isoleucine, which is potent in fighting against many diseases like obesity, Joint pain, asthma, mental problems etc.
Jersey cow milk is called A1 Milk.

The jersey, HF etc. cows produce A1 milk where this genetic variant of beta-casein is not found. On the other hand, their milk contains a poisonous chemical named Casomorphine & due to this, it is said to be responsible for diseases like diabetes, cancer, Heart Disease & Asthma.
2. Gaumata has dewlap: a flap of skin beneath their neck (Point 2 in Pic) These cows don’t have it.
3. They have a Hump. The hump enables the bull to work in farms like ploughing land. (Point 3 in Pic) These cows don’t have it.
4. The back is curved especially at the rear side. (Point 4 in Pic) Their back is straight through out the body.
5. Usually they have very big horns. Horns are missing in these cows. even if they have, they are very small.
6. The Quality of the Milk is best on earth, however the quantity is very less. The quality of the milk is not at all good, however the quantity is very huge.
7. During its life time, it give more calves i.e. 10-12 calves; sometimes more than 15 too. Hence, the amount of milk given by Gaumata in life time is more as compared to HF cows. It gives very less Calves in the whole life and hence the amount of milk given in its whole life is less compared to GauMata.
8. Gaumata Milk has certain medical qualities, and doctors advise pregnant women, kids, diabetics and heart patients to consume it. The milk from these cows should not be consumed and certainly does not reach anywhere near A2 Milk.
9. Cow Urine and Cow Dung is consumed in the form of PanchGavya. Neither the Dung nor the Urine is consumable.
10. Very Active in Nature and shares warmth with all. Sits idle and very inactive. Likes to sit at one place.

Shri Amitabh Bhatnagar is the Author of Cow:Our Ultimate Savior and a GavyaSiddh (PanchGavya Doctor) in Hyderabad, India. Can be reached on