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  • Global Confederation of Cow based Industries is Section 8 company.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) planned with all State Governments, GOI Ministries, Educational Institutes / Universities, Ashrams, Industrial Institutions, Cow Entrepreneurs and Gaushalas
  • GCCI to act as an Advisory body and interface between Government and Cow based Industry
  • GCCI will be Interface between maximum number of Cow Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Gaushala, Marketers and Distributor network across Globe
  • GCCI will organize and standardize the scattered Cow based Industry across the globe.
  • Global apex body having largest number of Partners in India and across globe too.
  • Consultancy for all Cow Entrepreneurship (Green Entrepreneurship) needs for members.
  • To be registered with MSME, GEM portal and other such govt and nongovernment organizations.

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